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Patients who belong to a medical aid fund may not be admitted to Bloemcare without an authorisation- or reference number. Please contact your medical aid prior to admission at Bloemcare in order to obtain an authorisation- or reference number.

The following information needs to be provided to the medical aid fund in order to obtain a pre-authorisation- or reference number:

  • Bloemcare practice no: 0287962
  • Admitting psychiatrist’s practice number - (can be obtained from the referring psychiatrist or psychologist)
  • ICD 10 code F32.2 (can be used in the interim)
  • Admission date

Confirm the duration of stay that will be covered by your medical aid. Medical aid funds initially only authorise a few days, but this can be extended when the psychiatrist submits the progress report to the medical aid - a new authorisation is not required for the extension. The Bloemcare case manager will arrange the extension with the medical aid fund.

For information required, contact your Psychiatrist and / or Bloemcare during office hours.

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