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Group Therapy Programme

The 2-week adult group therapy programme has 2 main focus points:

  • During the first week the patient’s relationship with the self (intra-personal) is explored.

  • Relationships with others (inter-personal) are dealt with during the second week.

Attendance of these group sessions is compulsory and it is strongly recommended that patients attend them as they form an integral part of the holistic program offered by Bloemcare. Patients are under no obligation to take part in discussions or share their emotions/experiences/opinions with the group, yet they will still benefit from listening to the discussions and presentations. The group sessions are presented in a professional, non-threatening way. Patients need not feel intimidated by the group sessions.

Group therapy has proven to be extremely beneficial to most patients:

  • it often reinforces ground they have already covered/will cover in personal sessions with psychiatrists and psychologists;

  • patients gain insight and knowledge about various aspects of their emotions and relationships;

  • perspectives of their own situations often change when they hear about situations and challenges in the lives of other patients.

Occupational therapists are responsible for art and craft activities where patients can relax, while acquiring new skills.

Patients will be billed separately by each presenter.