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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Valuables*
    For security reasons, patients are advised not to bring anything of value – e.g. jewellery, electronic equipment, large sums of cash. Bloemcare cannot be held liable in case of loss or theft of valuable items.
  • No alcohol or illicit drugs 
    Due to the nature of the facility and the programmes we run, please do not enter the Bloemcare premises whilst in possession of alcohol or illicit drugs.
  • Weapons
    As per the Firearms Act, no firearms or ammunition will be allowed. Please hand in firearms and/or ammunition at the nearest police station for safekeeping during your stay at Bloemcare.
  • You will need the following during your stay at Bloemcare
    • Casual clothes (for daytime wear during your length of stay)
    • Sleepwear slippers and a dressing gown.
    • Personal toiletries
    • Bath towels
    • Trainers and appropriate clothing if you plan on making use of the gymnasium
    • Bloemcare does provide pillows, but you may bring your own if you prefer
    • A two point plug (for your hairdryer, cellphone charger, etc.)
    • Medication. Bring any medication you are currently taking and hand them to the nurse in charge
    • Notebook and pen/pencil (for group therapy)
    • Reading material e.g. magazines (for relaxing)
    • Cash is needed for the following:
      • Key deposit: R20-00
      • Tuck shop (optional) – they also accept debit and credit bank cards
      • Group therapy work book: R70.00
      • Relaxation Therapy CD: R100-00 (optional)
      • DVD’s relating to psychiatric disorders are available at R150.00 per DVD
      • Bean bags R50.00 (optional)
      • Washing powder R2.00 and Sta-soft R1.00 if you wish to make use of Bloemcare’s laundry
  • Your cellphone is a distraction – rather leave it locked up in your cupboard during the day and make calls at night.
  • Attend as many of the group therapy sessions as possible.
  • Do not miss any appointments with your psychiatrist or psychologist.
  • Attend the arts and crafts sessions, even if you think you will not enjoy them.
  • Individual circumstances as well as your progress.
  • The therapeutic team who will guide your recovery
  • Medical Aid Benefit
  • Adults
    Visiting Hours:
    Mondays to Fridays: 18h00–20h00
    Saturdays & Sundays: 10h00-12h00 and 15h00–20h00
  • Adolescents
    Visiting Hours:
    Wednesdays: 18h00–19h00
    Fridays: 17h00–18h00
    Saturdays, Sundays: 11h00–17h00
  • Adult Patients
    Attendance of group therapy sessions is compulsory for adult patients as they form an integral part of the holistic programme offered by Bloemcare. Patients are under no obligation to take part in discussions or share their emotions/experiences/opinions with the group, yet they will still benefit from listening to the discussions and presentations.
  • Adolescent patients
    In order to empower them with as many skills as possible to enable them to cope with life’s challenges, attendance of the group therapy sessions is compulsory for adolescent patients.
The Bloemcare group therapy programme is offered over a two-week period. It is recommended that patients stay for two weeks and complete the programme. In some cases, psychiatrists could recommend that a patient spends a third week in the clinic.

Private patients must pay a deposit of R7 700-00 on admission. A further deposit will be required depending on your length of stay.

Bloemcare accounts include ward fees, medication and disposable items only. You will receive additional separate accounts from the psychiatrist, psychologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and pathologist, depending on the services provided to you.

Yes, an authorisation number must be obtained from the medical aid before a patient can be admitted to Bloemcare.

Treatment tariffs at Bloemcare are according to the scale of benefits as determined by Medical Aid Schemes. Most medical aids cover all clinical costs, including professional consultations, medication, group therapy and accommodation in a psychiatric hospital for up to 21 days per annum.

Patients need to be referred to Bloemcare by a psychiatrist and patients remain responsible for any amounts their medical aids do not cover. Patients have to obtain an authorisation number from their medical aids before they can be admitted to Bloemcare. Some medical aids do not pay for treatment by physiotherapists while in a psychiatric hospital.

Before patients are admitted to Bloemcare, they should contact their medical aids to make sure which services will be covered.

Patients can only be admitted to Bloemcare when booked by a psychiatrist. If a patient does not have a treating psychiatrist, the patient can be referred to a psychiatrist by a general practitioner or clinical psychologist. The psychiatrist will then, after consultation with the patient, make a reservation at Bloemcare.