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The adolescent unit, referred to as pals@bloemcare (Positive Adolescent Life Skills @ Bloemcare), reflects but one of the objectives we would like emotionally challenged teenagers to achieve during their stay at Bloemcare.


The objectives of this 2-week programme are obtained through nursing, psychiatric, psychological and occupational interventions, in individual and group sessions. The adolescents are exposed to adventure learning as well as community involvement in an effort to gain perspective, broaden their scope and level of exposure in order to empower them with as many skills as possible to enable them to cope with life’s challenges. Attendance of the group therapy sessions is compulsory.

During these group sessions, the adolescents are encouraged to inter-act with one another, sharing their views and experience, learning from- and encouraging one another.

During the first week the emphasis is on helping the teenagers to get in contact with themselves, gain insight and self-knowledge or any part thereof.

In week 2 the focus of the programme shifts to relationships, guiding the adolescents in developing meaningful relationships as well as getting along better with others.


Parents of the adolescent patients are encouraged to attend the information sessions for parents that are presented every alternate weekend. This programme will give parents a better understanding of their teenagers and of themselves. The main objective of the parent programme is to promote constructive parent involvement in the lives of their children.

Parents then have the opportunity to gain insight into the needs of their teenager, who will then realize that their needs are being attended to and that their parents care about them. This is often just the encouragement they need to work harder at dealing with their problems and issues.

The importance of parent involvement in the lives of their adolescent children cannot be emphasized enough.

Visiting Hours

  • Wednesdays: 18h00–19h00
  • Fridays: 17h00–19h00
  • Saturdays, Sundays: 11h00–17h00

The use of cell phones is permitted for one hour per day, between 18h00 and 19h00.

This arrangement helps the adolescents to focus on the programme they are following at Bloemcare and to derive optimal benefit therefrom.