Empowering you
with hope

About Us

The Bloemcare Story

Hope is a powerful energy source – the tiniest spark of hope can inspire someone to take on even the most daunting of life’s challenges. At Bloemcare we are inspired by hope and empowering you with hope is our goal in everything we do.

It was this flame of hope that led to the founding of Bloemcare on 15 July 1999. Today, with four wards and a total of 116 beds, this flame of hope is still burning bright. Initially, the facility was a sub-acute clinic with 32 beds. Bloemcare was in high demand and it soon became obvious that the biggest need was for private psychiatric care. In March 2007 Bloemcare became the first private psychiatric hospital in the Free State. In 2010 the 8-bed adolescent unit (Ward C) as well as the first 9 beds of Ward D were taken into use. By January 2011 occupation of the office block, offices@bloemcare, started and a year later, in January 2012, Ward D was completed. In the same year a coffee shop, nJoy@bloemcare, and a hair salon, iStyle, were also added to the facilities.

Bloemcare offers psychiatric hospital services of the highest standard with the well-being of the patient always the primary concern. Bloemcare’s approach to mental health care is that of empowerment, with the hospital providing a protected environment in which patients can heal and, through various support programmes, be equipped to cope with the demands of life.

Bloemcare’s services are based on a foundation of sensitivity, care and support, with a high premium on acceptance and confidentiality. Although the existence of Bloemcare is necessitated by the need for psychiatric care, the overall atmosphere of the facility is that of hope, joy and a shared experience. An effort to lighten the load of others – be it patients learning to cope with trauma, or staff members helping each other – is a key trait of Bloemcare. We believe in walking together on the road to hope.


Bloemcare is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment to people in need of emotional and psychological support.


Bloemcare is a psychiatric hospital that provides cost-effective and accessible treatment to patients in a therapeutic environment. We also strive to support and educate the public regarding mental health issues, and try to eliminate the discrimination and stigmatisation associated with mental illness.

Bloemcare's Philosophy and Culture

Empowering you with hope is the guiding light of all Bloemcare’s activities. Bloemcare’s vision and mission were carefully developed to ensure that we succeed in this goal.

Bloemcare’s philosophy of hope becomes visible in our commitment to delivering quality care, including professional psychiatric and nursing services for our patients in a relaxing environment. Great care has been taken in creating a therapeutic and homely environment where our patients are equipped with life skills to cope with life’s challenges. Strong Christian ethics prevail at Bloemcare.

At Bloemcare we have empathy for patients who are fragile, who have been hurt and are dealing with personal issues. This caring attitude is extended to include all Bloemcare staff members, and patients and colleagues are treated with the same empathy.

Bloemcare considers its staff members its most valuable asset. Bloemcare therefore undertakes to safeguard staff members by providing and maintaining, as far as reasonably practical, a safe and stimulating work environment. This is achieved through team work, and all members of the Bloemcare family are expected to work closely together with the employer in minimising risk that might jeopardise the health and safety of employees, patients and the public.

Staff members have high work ethic standards, are loyal and prepared to walk the extra mile. We are not only dedicated to our own tasks, but we assist other staff members where necessary. Bloemcare’s management has an open door policy and any problems, irrespective of importance, can be discussed with management, department heads or supervisors. Staff members are encouraged to make use of this policy as staff who are empowered with hope are able to empower our patients with hope.

Bloemcare is licensed by the Free State Department of Health and is registered with:

  • Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA)
  • National Hospital Network (NHN)
  • Board of Healthcare Funders